Smart Fellow´s Take A Hike Shoortie

" Trent "

Born 1st of november 2002

Hips Pass * Elbows 0-0 * Clear Eyes * Optigen B

BOB Puppy 5 times and 2 times runner up in the BIS Final

Res CC Winner under Mrs Esther Benson, Australia

CC & BOS Winner under Mr David Wong, Australia

CC Int CC and BOS Winner under C De Giuliani, Italy

CC winner under Mrs Carolyn Cederman, New Zeeland

CC & BOS under Mrs Anja Pumala, Finland

CC & Champion under Birgit Roed, Denmark

BOB & Group 4th  under Mr John Reeve -Newson Canada

BOB & Group 4th under Mrs Jacqueline Smith, Luxemburg

Photo at 2 years old !!


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