The Smart Team is home after a lovely & succsessful weekend
in 舕and , Finland !! Long walk with the dogs by the 舕andsea :-))

Multi CH Smart Fellow磗 Saved By The Bell 创Rizzo创
won his 29th BOB !!!! 4th in the Gundog Group :-)
Smart Fellow磗 Sticks Like Glue 创Colby创 CC WINNER :-)))
He is a son to CH & Swiss J CHTintagel Winds Xanadu - CH &
SW-11 NO CH Smart Fellow TheNew Blonde 创Cully创
Young Alph , Carpenny Kubla Khan second in junior class with
CC quality Alph also a son to Xanadu & Carpenny Maid In England !
Winner junior class bitches Smart Fellow磗 Swing That Cat 创Catz创
littersister to Colby . Winner open class bitches SmartFellow磗 Cute And
Sharp 创Lovely Crystal创 she is a daughter to Multi CH Beacon On The
Hill Of Tintagel Winds - Cully !!

This was The Smart Teams CC & BOB number 453 & 454 !!