The Smart Teams show results on May 26th

at 謘terbybruk Int Allbreed Championship show !!

Smart Fellow磗 Sticks Like Glue 创Colby创 Open class winner with Res Cacib
Littersister Smart Fellow磗 Swing That Cat 创Catz创 second in Open class with
CC quality , Smart Fellow磗 Cute And Sharp 创 Crystal 创third in Open with CC quality !

BOB veteran with CC quality Smart Fellow磗 No Fool For You 创Lexie创 is
9 years old , and littersister to CH SF`s Dancing Creature & CH & SW-11 NO CH
SF`s The New Blonde , fantastic that 3 littermates at 9 years old have won
BOB veteran !!

BOB Breeders group Smart Fellow磗 !!