Lovely photos from our wonderful visit to best friend Tjotte ,

and her beautiful dog´s !!! BIG thank you from me and the dog´s !!!

Darling "Alph " Carpenny Kubla Khan in action !!!

Hope for the future at Smart Fellows & Tjottes !
Brave Heart Delle Acque Lucenti "Buba" 5½m
Nordnix Get Smart "Curtis" 4m
Tjottes Hot Sexy N'Single "Panda" 6½m
Tjottes Flirty N'Dirty "Puma" 6½m
Tjottes Deep Purple "Liilo" 4½m






CH Smart Fellow´s Red For Danger " Cleo" photo at 5½ years old !!!!



Tracking CH Smart Fellow´s Sound As A Pound " Kira " at 3½ years old !!!