CH Smart Fellow´s Red For Danger ´´Cleo´´

A super 2013 for The Smart Team , so proud to bee owner and
breeder to our fantastic dogs !! We celebtate our 50th Champion with
SH CH & Tracking CH Smart Fellow´s Cure The Devil ´´Ralph ´´ he also won
first prize at Championship Field Trial in Denmark , our 26th prize winner at Championship Field Trial !! Ralph is own & loved by Ann- Marie Peterson !!
 Multi CH Smart Fellow´s Saved By The Bell ´
´Rizzo´´won his 17th Title & BOB number 31 !! Own & love by Camilla Johansson . The two CC winning littermates Tracking CH Smart Fellow´s So You Think ´´Tinky´´ & Tracking CH Smart Fellow´s Sticks Like Clue ´´Colby´´ he won his 4th CC and his Tracking Champion title and the teams 20th Tracking Champion !! Tinky is own & love by Maria Grind . CH Smart Fellow´s Red For Danger ´´Cleo´´ new Champion 2013 !! Cleo & Colby is own & love by Smart Fellow´s !! Tracking CH Chefs Best Punch ´´Mattiz´´ Pass the qualifiction for Championship Field Trial in Denmark !! Own & love by Gunilla Svensson . And 2 Res CCs to darling ´´Alph´´Carpenny Kubla Khan !! Our small kennel celebrate FANTASTIC 469 BOB & CC !!!!! BIG kiss & hugs to all how have tribute to our sucssess !! And the biggest kiss to Annie how take the best care of the dogs at home , when the rest of us are out and travel !!!

Looking forward to 2014 with our new lovely babys Smart Fellow´s Seven Days
A Week ´´Callum´´ & Smart Fellow´s Smart In English ´´Crico ´´
( Mallorn´s Mr Vain - Tracking CH Smart Fellow´s Sound As A Pound )

Wish you all a Happy New Year !!!

Smart Fellow´s Seven Day´s A Week ´´Callum´´

Smart Fellow´s Smart in English ´´Crico´´