First I like to say thank you so much for the invitation, it was an honour to judge your show!
And to all of you who entered your lovely dogs under me, and to my two ringstewards
for your kindness & patience, a big thank you!
I had a wonderful day , happy for the response i got for my judging !

Some of my class winnners could win everywhere in the world!

Follies Finntastique, best puppy bitch and BIS puppy. She is really wonderful with everything
you wish for in such a young bitch. This showgirl will have a bright future!
Handled beautifully by Amanda Jääskeläinen. 
(CH Carpenny Made A Million x CH Follies Madison).
Breeders & owners: Helena & Anna Liisa Kaitila.

Lab Sps Wasabi, winner 12-18 months. A lovely typed bitch , with super topline
and a lovely feminin head and expression, a pleasant temperament. Good luck in the future!
(Larkspur´s Lynx x Mallorn´s Esencia).
Breeders & owners: Anastasia & Olga Egorov.

Follies Unique, winner 18-24 months. This bitch has a lovely breedtype, super ribcage,
bone and coat  and she moves with drive. Lovely temperament.
(Annual´s Star Performer x Follies Michigan).
Breeders & owners: Helena & Anna Liisa Kaitila.


Follies Maryland, winner Open class and BEST IN SHOW!
WOW, isn't she a beauty! A lovely bitch, never put a foot wrong, most be a one in a lifetime
Labrador to both her breeders and owner. CONGRATULATIONS!
(AmCh Lubberline Martingale x Tweedledum Follies Bergerer).
Breeders: Helena & Anna Liisa Kaitila. Owner: Eva Vilamo.

CH Mouldhill´s Jump For Fun, Champion class winner!
This beautiful black bitch has the most lovely breed type, a strong topline and hindquarters,
lovely deep chest, beautiful feminin head, lovely expression. She is a true mover
with the most appealing temperament.
(Strongline´s Mr Bean x Mouldhills Dark Kiss).
Breeder: Lotta Vuorinen. Owner: Anni Kaaro.

CH Strongline´s Mary Rose, Veteran winner & 2nd in Champion class!
This bitch is of lovely type, strong topline, bone and angulations. Lovely feminin head,
lovely neck and shoulders. She is a super mover!
(Multi CH Adventurer´s Tattinger x Strongline´s Vega).
Breeder: Tiina Rantanen. Owner: Pia Salmen.