Welcome soone to join our team is !!!!!!!!!

Balrion Weathertop Casey Jones " Casey "

Born on October 6th -

Hips A-A * Elbow 0-0 * Clear eyes * Optigen A * EIC  free

Open class winner , CWC & Winners Dog !!

BIG thank you to dear Irmina Dudkoviak , Dolbia Labradors
for your comfidence in me , for special Casey !!!!

Photo of Casey in May 2014 at 6½ years old !!

 4 years old !!!

Balrion Wethertop Casey Jones

Old Smokey

Rocheby Navy Blue

Rocheby Sailing By

Cambremer Royal Velvet At Rocheby

Sh Ch Rocheby Polkadot

Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby

Sh Ch Rocheby Acorn

Balrion Weathertop 
Jane Eyre

Weathertop El Nino

Am Can Dutch Ch
 Beechcroft Regal Air

Am Ch Beechcroft 
Weathertop Wind

Balrion Lorna Doone

Am Ch Weathertop  Storm Cloud

Balrion Oceans Apart

Young Casey !!