On July 10th what a show day  for the Smart Fellow磗 team !!!

                BOB Puppie Smart Fellow磗 So You Think 创 Tinky 创 & BEST IN SHOW !!!

                             BOS to litterbrother Smart Fellow磗 Sticks Like Glue 创 Colby 创

                       ( CH Tintagel Winds Xanadu - CH Smart Fellow磗 The New Blonde )

                       Rizzo BOB & 4th in the BIS final !! Best Labrador in working class !!

                              Trent BOB Veteran & Smart Fellow磗 Best breeders group !!

                                  Lovely Crystal winner of the junior class with CC quality !!

                                         Cleo winner of the youngster class with Res CC !!




                                         Colby BOS & Tinky BOB and BEST IN SHOW !!


                                             Tinky photo at 4 month old on June 18th !!

                                      Own and love by Maria Grind Sincher磗 kennel !!


                                               Smart Fellow磗 Swing That Cat 创 Catz `` 

                                           Photo on July 10th at nearley 5 month old !!!


                                                          Cleo Res CC winner !!


                                           Rizzo BOB & Best Labrador in working class !!