Society News
Just Splendid
Newinn Fir Cone
Our Dream of Mite
Bubbling Brown Sugar
SWCH Frame by Frame
Once In Never Out (1 ekl )
SwTrCH.Catch Your Breath
French Trialer Suit By Chance
SwShCH.Wishwood Marshman
Int&Nord CH Attikonak Mister McCloud
Hard To Beat
Top Performer
Believe It Or Not
We Are The World
Precious Memories
Order From New York
SWCH On The Cool Side
SwShCH.Follow The Feet
Lawnwood Free And Easy
SwTrCH.No Exuce Needed
Crawcrook Ballet Dancer of Copsehill
Prize Winner Championship Field Trial.
Dogs owned or bred by Smart Fellow´s
 CH&Tr CH Cure The Devil
 Multi CH Saved By The Bell 
 SFs Caught In A Dream