Norw Sh CH SwCH Est V-W-10
Smart Fellow´s A Phonecall Away

" Kenzo "

Born 8 th of July 2000.

Hips C * Elbows 0-0 * Eyes Clear

B.O.B Puppy

4 CC´s * Int CC * BOB

  Photos at 10 years old 

BOB and BIS-R Winner under Peter F Berchtold , Kennel Starchant
CC and Int CC BOS under Mrs Esther Benson Australia .

BOB Veteran SKK Int Köping -08 
BOB Veteran KC Championship Show Västerås -09 judge Mr Paul Stanton
CC Norw Sh CH titel and BIS 4th Veteran 7th of June -09 under Mrs Rosmary Cabion

BOB Veteran the 3 of April 2010 under Mr Colin MacKay England .

BOB Veteran and EST V-W - 10 under Mr Louis Pinto Teixeira Portugal .

And Best In Show 4th under Mr Joey Lim Australia !!!

Owned by Camilla Jahansson

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