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Smart Fellow´s Saved By The Bell




Best In Show puppy

CC & BOB Winner from Juniorclass
Under Mr and Mrs Brown Kennel Ramsayville, Skottland

CC Winner from Youngsterclass
Under Mrs Andersson, Sweden

CC & BOS Winner from Youngsterclass
Under Mr Paul Stanton, Sweden

CC & Champion first time out in openclass
Under Kjell Svensson, Sweden

Int CC & BOB
Under Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal

Int CC, BOB & Nordic Winner-07
Qualified for Crufts
Under Mrs Anne Lavelle, England

Under Lene Johansen, Denmark Kennel Dee-Fair

Int CC & BOB
Under Mr George Kostopoulos, Grece

Under Mr Anthony Allen, England

Int CC & World Winner-08
Under Mrs Erica Jayes, England

BOB and Int CC
20th of August 2008 Köping

BOS and Int CC
26th of August 2008, Ransäter

BOS and Int CC at the BIG Stockholm show 2008
Under Per Iversen, Norway

Finnish Winner-08, BOS, CC & Int CC
Under Mr. Dan Ericsson, Sweden Kennel Ragland

Best dog and BOS 25th of January 2009
Under Jan Roger Sauge Norway, kennel Mambrino's

31th of May 2009 CC & BOS and Norw Sh CH
under Mr Anthoney Allen, kennel Allenie, England

BOB the 3 of April -2010
under Mr Colin MacKay England

BOS SWKC Sundsvall the 22th of May -2010

CC winner the 6th of June in Estland -2010
Under Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal

BOB SWKC Jönköping the 20th of June -2010
Under Mr. Jens Martin Hansen Danmark

BOB & BIG 3rd SKC Eskilstuna the 22th of August -2010
Under Mrs. Nina Lönner Andresson Sweden

CC winner in Denmark  18th of September -2010
Under Mrs. Ann-Christin Johansson Sweden

Int CC & BOB , BIG 4th the 11th of October-2010
Under Mrs. Gunilla Skallman Sweden

 The 28th of November NKC Int Show Norway , 9th titel Nordic Winner -10
Under Mrs Heather Wiles-Fone kennel Heatherbourne England

The 11th of December FKC Int Show in Helsinki , 10th title Helsinki Winner -10 & BOB
Under Mr Harri Lehkonen Finland

BOS & and Best working Labrador Högbo on 17th Marsh -2011

BOB SWKC Västerås on April 16th  -2011
Under Mrs. Satu Ylä-Mononen Finland

BOB & BIG 4th SWKC Int Vallentuna on 29th of May-2011
Under Mrs. Ing-Marie Hagelin Sweden

BOB & BIS 2 Sundsvall on June 4th - 2011
Under Mr. Kjell Svensson Sweden

BOS NKC Int Troinheim on July 3rd -2011
Under Mr John Thorwell England

BOB & BIS 4th & Best Working Labrador Högbo on July 10th -2011
Under Mrs Lisbeth Bech Danmark

BOB SWKC Int Köping on July 20th
Under Mr Phil Thomsson Australia

BOB SWKC Int Ransäter on July 29th
Under Mrs. Ann-Christin Johansson Sweden

SWKC Int Norrköping Swedish winner on August 20th
BOB & Swedish Winner 4th in the gundog group

Under Mr JohnPalmer Australia

BOB & BIS Smedjebacken on September 18th
Under Breed Mrs. Nina Lönner Andresson Sweden
Best In Show Under Mrs. Ann-Christin Johansson Sweden

BOB & 3th in the gundog group on Setember 25th Finland
Under Mrs Nicola Ruigrok Irland