Sw Sh CH Swiss Junior CH

                     Tintagelwinds Xanadu


                                                  " Xanadu "

                                                                             Born 6th of March 2007

                             Hips BVA 4-2  * Elbows BVA 0-0  * Clear Eyes  * CNM/Clear

                                         Hips A-A * Elbow 0-0 in Sweden

                                                 Optigen A through parental check  

                               Int CC winner on Agust 20th !!!

                         CC winner & Sw Sh CH on June 4th !!!

                         CC and BOB winner the 28th of May !!!

                           CC winner the 16th of April 2011 !!!

                CCs winner in Germany and Italy * BOB * Studbook number         

            VHC Yearling at Crufts 2009 * Life qualified for Crufts                  

                       Winner Special Puppy Dog at Crufts 2008 !!!






                                           Photo of Flora and Xanadu from their lovely win

                     1st Special Puppy Dog at Crufts 2008 !!! 


                                                                      More photos