SwShCH.Smart Fellow´s Step In The Street

                                                                                                                  @ 12 years
" Sophie "

December 1995 - March 2008

Hips pass . elbows 0-0 . eyes clear

CC . BOS for Mrs Kay Craemer, Ireland
CC . for Mrs Shelagh Walton, England
CC . for Mrs Linda Sutcliffe, England

From her first litter sire by SwShCH.SwTrCH.Sheenaron Merry Soul Mate
comes our two lovely boys SwShCH.S F´s Tap Dance Terror & SwShCH.SwTrCH.S F´s Follow The Feet

Waiting in the wings her daughters with SwShCH.SwTrCH.S F´s Reline The Troops
SwShCH S F´s Fine Sketches " Fallon " BOB Puppy at her first show
and Champion at 2 years
S F´s Flames Of Paris CC Quality and 4th Best Bitch


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