Smart Fellow´s Smart In English

Mallorn´s Mr Vain   Multi CH Charm Bluveil Mr Darcey Am CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvally CH Sandylands Gad-About
Kimvally Follow On To Langshott
Am CH Charm´s Dancing To The Music Bluvail Balanchine
Am CH Hitman´s Charm N Ginger Bear
Mallorn´s Vanilla Ice Jayncourt Star Yorker SH CH Tapeatom Gadding Around At Sandylands
Dee-Fair Mild And Cute At Jayncourt
Mallorn´s Snow Is White Vision´s I´m Able
Fin CH Maliksen Lumikki
Tracking CH
Smart Fellow´s Sound
As A Pound
CH & Swiss J.CH Tintagel Winds Xanadu
Caer Bren Ben CH. & J.H. Caer Bren Super Hero
CH. Caer Bren Water Lilly
Multi CH GB SH CH  Pooles Memory Of Tintagel Winds Multi-Dual CH. Carromer's Charlie Chalk
Trialer Lasting Memory of Tintagel Winds
CH Smart Fellow's The New Blonde CH.Sheenaron Merry Soul Mate Sheenaron Merry Jazz
Lejie Strawberry Fair at Sheenaron
 CH.Smart Fellow´s Without Makeup Smart Fellow´s Choreograph
CH Smart Fellow's Speak For Itself