" Cody "
                                                            16 of June 1995 - 28 of November 2006        Cody´s mother Allison

Hips pass * Elbows 0-0 * Eyes clear

BOB Puppy and BEST IN SHOW  * 3 CC`s * BOS
Cody won CC at her 1:st show as a veteran !!!!

In her first litter by Smart Fellow's Choreograph born in April -98
SwShCH.NorwCH.SwTrCH S F's Bucklet at the Ballet is winner of 6 CC's and BOB
SwShCH.SwTrCH S F's How Near Heaven 3 CC:s Int CC . BOS
SwShCH.S F's Without Makeup 3 CC:s Int CC . BOS
TJH SF`s Stepping Stones
( Approved Guarddog, Military airforce/Civil )

In her litter with SwShCH.Gallybob Eric
we have keept SwShCH S F´s Almost Dosen´t Count 4 CC:s . BOS
SwShCH S F´s A Phonecall Away , BOB (" Kenzo " owner: Camilla Johansson )

One of our lates top winner SwShCH.SwTrCH.S F´s Reline The Troops 3 CC:s . BOB
SwTrCH S F´s Can´t Stop No Brakes (" Andrew " owner: Elisabeth Johansson )
SwTrCH S F´s How About That ( " Cookie " owner: Ulla Berquist )
SwTrCH S F´s Catch Your Breath ( " Carrie " owner: Lennart Nordin )
Is from her litter with SwShCH.Cindy´s Hit The Newsline

From her last litter mated to ( AI ) GbShCH.Trentwith Sir Winston
I´m proud to present her  SwShCH.S F´s Take A Hike Shoortie & SwShCH.S F´s Thrill The Gallery

and also CC Winner SwTrCH S F´s No Excuse Needed !!!

Photo Cody at 12 month old !!!





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