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Smart Fellow´s Saved By The Bell








CH Dolphingham Dee Dee Tee
Poolstead Part And Parcel CH Poolstead Pipe Smoker SH CH Poolstead Preferential
Poolstead Positive Mystery
Poolstead Pin-Feather CH Fabracken Comedy Star
Poolstead Puskas
 Lenches Gypsy CH Sandylands My Guy CH Kupros Master Mariner
Sandylands Bramble
Lenches Policy Poolstead Policeman
Lenches Felicity
 CH Smart Fellow's Fine Sketches  CH Smart Fellow's Reline The Troops CH Cindys Hit The Newsline  Smart Fellow's Four Leaf Clover
Cindys Print in Gold
CH Smart Fellow's Speak For It Sel  CH.Wishwood Marshman
Smart Fellow's Close to Perfection
 CH Smart Fellow's Step In The Street Smart Fellow's Four Leaf Clover Smart Fellow's Order From New York
Smart Fellow's Believe It Or Not
Crawcrook Ballett Dancer of Copsehill  CH Darrygine Fancy Dancer
Crawcrook Constance